Let the dance guide your steps, Let the music be your God !

Enjoy the music without putting your head in the boxes; rest when you’re tired; laugh, have fun; hydrate and eat; use sunscreen… in other words: listen to your body !!!

In order to stay in great health, wash your hands or use hydroalcoholic solutions after going to the toilets and before eating, wash yourself…oh and please use condoms!

So you know, drugs are forbidden in Romania and we strongly discourage the use of substances.
We cannot put a nurse behind those who won’t follow our guidelines, so whatever it is you take, make sure it’s known and tested, use it as a responsible person, and keep your friends around. Please, please, take care of youself and others.

Oh and look: we are providing the ultimate best drug at Apsara: FANTASTIC MUSIC! Our dealers are called artists and the melodies they prepare in their labs are specifically studied to lift your heart to the stars, bring smiles on your face, and draw tears from your eyes out of joy!

Please refer to the other pages of this section for specific directions: