Obviously a music festival is a camping friendly event. Please bring your tent, sleeping bag, mattress, tarps, and anything needed to create your shaded cocoon.
Romania has a continental weather, so t-shirts will suffice during the day, but you may also bring a couple of warmer clothes for the night.

You are not allowed to pitch your tent in the car park for obvious safety reasons.

Please use garbage bags and waste disposal recipients at all times!

NO fire is allowed: remember this is summertime with a forest nearby. Breaking this common sense rule may endanger the festival and its guests. Making fires can only get you expelled from the venue.

Please keep your space clean and safe : no waste, no glass bottles. Don’t hesitate to help and make friends with your neighbors. Later, they will keep an eye on your possessions while you will be keeping an eye on theirs.

Glass bottles are not allowed! The end up broken at some point and cause injuries and increase the risk of fire! If we see you with glass bottles, we will confiscate them.

Pets are not allowed anywhere on the festival premises. Animals are always distressed by the sound volume and the amount of people, and end up fighting with one another. If you’ve been travelling with your animal the whole summer in your van, we won’t prevent you from entering the premises, but please do take care of it, and don’t let it wander unattended. If you do, you’ll be taken out of the premises.

The Romanian forest is respectable and magnificient. Let’s keep it that way. Do not harm trees, respect plants and animals who naturally live in the area. Let’s say they are inviting you; and we’re to end up in symbiosis at the end of the festival.

Can I rent a tent on site ?

Unfortunately not. We’ll try to make this happen in the next editions.

Other accomodation

In our opinion, the best party experience is achieved by staying with everyone else, meeting up and sharing. But we understand you may have back issues or trouble sleeping with noise.
For this, you may find a few very nice hotels in Sibiu. Check for example.