Unveiling Apsara’s Ambient Forest !

After the goa-trance stage, we now also announce our chill out line up

As most of you know this will be inside the cozy warmth of the forest.
We chose a mix of new talents and known names and there will be music for every taste! 

E-Mantra – Suntrip Records / Romania
Etnica in Dub – Etnicanet & DAT Records / Italy
Mindsphere – Suntrip Records / Turkey
Ancient Core – Melusine Records / Romania
Pete & Pan – Belgium
Solar Powered Beings (aka Jagoa) – Suntrip Records / Belgium
Skarma – Suntrip Records & Global Sect / Hungary
Menkalian (part of Cosmic Dimension) – Suntrip Records / Macedonia
Encens – Koyote Reocrds / United Kingdom
Haitaka (aka Triquetra) – Suntrip Records / Belgium

Seb Taylor DJ set (Kaya project, Angel Tears,…) – Interchill + Dragonfly / United Kingdom
Anoebis – Suntrip Records / Belgium
Rodminus – Malta
Masala – Neogoa / Japan
TB – Suntrip Records / Germany
Bandagor – Belgium
Kosmologos – Belgium
Yella – Global Sect / Serbia
Pavane – Suntrip Records / Belgium
Dušan Lončar – Serbia
Goasis – Suntrip Records / Australia
Hase – Romania
Longcat – France
Mars – Suntrip Records / France
Mawski – Romania

This week’s artist : Battle Of The Future Buddhas

Because some of our artists were not announced properly in the beginning… We present you: Battle of the Future Buddhas retro live and dj-set!  One of the founders of forest trance, label owner of the obscure label Schlabbaduerst RekKords and the happy possesser of hundreds of DATs from the early days! So we are sure he will bring us many hours of psychedelic Domestic Bliss  – David Tingsgård, bring out your pirate flag!

Enter…the Apsara Festival!

Apsara, the nymphs of the dance, and of course, our second CD and a milestone of the new goa-trance wave
After 13 years providing music, organizing Suntrip & Old is Gold / Fractal Gate events, Suntrip presents something unique:

The Apsara Festival!

A festival, for goa-trance loving people with a psychedelic mindset!

Our vision is and was always the same: bring all facets of goa-trance to you! And there is no better way to do it than on a festival! What can you expect by us? A beautiful natural surrounding… A valley inside a forest where you can camp! And of course, the best music you can imagine! We make sure you will hear tons of your favourite artists. Some unique, some more well known, some old school, some modern! Ranging from pure melodic goa, to darker night acid-trance! From early forest influenced music to pure euphoria! Each music has its moment, and we’ll make sure all lovers of this kind of music will reach bliss!

So, more to the point info:
Where: Ludoş, near Sibiu, Romania
When: wednesday 8 till sunday 12th of August 2018
Prices: depending on the country where you live, but cheap compared to today’s festival standards
Presales: http://tickets.apsara-festival.com
Deco: TBA

Line up: There will be two dance floors: the “Main Valley Floor” and the “Ambient Forest”
We will make sure you have some very unique names and will announce more names every week! Those who know Suntrip and the Old is Gold / Fractal Gate parties also know we won’t disappoint you!

Here are the first names:


Mindsphere (Live)
Suntrip Records / Turkey


Battle of the Future Buddhas (Live & DJ-set)
Schlabbaduerst RekKords / Sweden


Encens / Ominus / Aeternum (Day Live + Night Live)
Koyote Records / UK


Cydonia / Semsis (Live)
Blue Room + Atomic / UK


Filteria (Live)
K.O.B. (live)

Suntrip Records / Sweden


Wait for updates, much more news will reach all of you soon!

Oh, and here’s the event on Facebook !

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