Sunset over Apsara 2020

Dear Apsarians,
Our love and passion for goa trance is the main reason we decided to organise this festival. After the first amazing edition in 2018 we went straight into preparations for Apsara 2020. Even in the midst of this pandemic we kept on preparing, hoping that one way or another we would be able to deliver this “out of this world” goa-trance experience!

However, in the past days, after going through every possible scenario and taking as many variables as possible into consideration, we sadly realised that we will not be able to host this year’s Apsara.

Not only would it be irresponsible to endanger the health of the Apsarians and the artists, but we also want to stay true to our idea of a music festival and to our promises, with all the artists and other preparations we made. Also a new Romanian law for summer 2020 is clear: there is a limit of 500 people on Romanian festivals.

This was a very hard decision for us to make & creates a massive financial loss for this young festival. All flight tickets for our artists were booked, legal & logistic costs were paid already and thus lost. Over 35% of our total budget was spent already before the outbreak of Covid-19.

We have prepared the guidelines for refunding all Apsarians who bought a ticket for the 2020 edition. However, we have to ask for your generosity to help us survive. If you like our concept and festival-idea, you will be able to donate a part of your ticket to our organization. The possibility of asking a full refund stays of course. If enough Apsarians donate a bit of the ticket value, we will be able to survive and bring you Apsara Festival 2022. If not, we might end up as an unforgettable once in a lifetime festival! For now we can only say thank you for the huge support last years already! This festival gave us something unique, and we hope we can please all true underground goa-freaks again in 2 years…

Never changing. Forever true, in the name of love. Dance for paradise!
Chris, Fabien, Jos, Remus, Theo


  • Entrance tickets bought through the Paylogic system, for refund go to:
  • Entrance tickets bought through Ambassadors: contact your Ambasssador, he will help you ask for the refund,
  • Refunds will have to be approved by the organisation, after approval you will receive a confirmation mail (+-24h after your refund request),
  • The refund period lasts till July 3rd 2020, all refunds requests will be paid out in the week after July 3rd 2020,
  • Only the original ticket buyer can ask a refund.
  • You may also refer to the special Terms & Conditions.

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