Happy New Year

Hello Apsarans,

We wish you an outstanding new year 2019! During this transition year, we’ll be gearing up towards the 2020 edition. Stay tuned !

As you may have seen on our Facebook page, the 2020 edition dates are set to August 12th to 16th 2020 ! Be sure to click the “Going” button on the event, and be the first to make a vacation request at your workplace 🙂


See you soon !

Announcing Apsara 2020

First step to the second edition in 2020!

More info, the date, FB event,… within a few weeks!

Now, everyone can tell their boss “hey, give me holidays or I resign”

Five days to go: Do’s & Don’t

Hello Apsarans!

We’re less than oine week before the start of THE GoaTrance festival of the year and in the last hours of the online presales (enough tickets at the door though)

And before announcing the timetable tomorrow, we already tell you the do’s and dont’s.

– Sunscreen (it can be really sunny!)
– Insect repellent! Mosquitos can be annoying
– Lei’s: the local currency will be the main way to pay.
– A light. Realise it is new moon, so it will be REALLY dark.
– Biodegradable soap. The water of the showers is natural, lets keep it that way
– It can be cold in the night so make sure to bring warm dancing clothes! (in the forest the temperature is higher in the night)
– Shoes: if it rains it can be muddy
– Bring your id to proof from which country you are.
– Power bank, electricity is limited.
– Love, smiles and positive vibes!

– Do not bring the water from the well! Its natural water but there can be bacteries inside, and we dont want you to get sick
– No fire in the forest
– No dogs on the dancefloor
– No glass or bottles. If they are broken its a huge mess to clean!
– No flags, we are one family
– Dont eat the mushrooms that grow in the forest. Some are poisonous!
– No own soundsystems

Happy Apsaraaaaaaaaaa !

This week’s artists : DJs ~ Part 3!

To finalise our line up… The last bunch of DJ’s for main stage! 

Uplifting and more obscure, darker and experimental Goa trance by following masters! D-Dave aka David of Battle of the Future Buddhas , Skeleton Hex, Anoebis more experimental and darkish alter ego, Lugus, another Belgian Goa trance wizard and of course, local Romanian support! CromoNovaHase & Theo MawsKi!!! 

And now… Spread the word of this mad line up 


And the last live is : …RA… yeah!

Keep the best announcement for the end?
Here we go with the last live for this festival: I know dozens of people praying to hear this music played by the artist! He hasn’t played for a LONG time (except for 1 gig in Belgium).
Pure melodic, goa-trance bliss!
The ultimate floating morning music… powerful, deep, melodic and emotional!
Straight from Norway by Lars…  *** RA ***

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