Covid-19 communication

Dear Apsarians!

More and more people/artists ask us about the influence on Apsara Festival of the Covid-19 outbreak. It is way too early to speculate about this.

Apsara is happening in 4.5 months from today. The peak will be reached soon in most European countries but it is impossible to predict the aftermath and how long it will take till we can live our lives again.

As the health of our visitors is super important for us, we will re-evaluate the situation by mid-June and communicate openly about this.

We will now continue to organise the event like planned to make it legendary!

In the mean time, stay healthy, take care of the people close around, keep the positive state of mind and… TRUST IN TRANCE!

…plus one: D-Dave !

And here’s our last announcement!

This DJ is well known for his live act Battle of the Future Buddhas, but he has a special collection of darker super psychedelic old school goa-trance as well… The combo of his dj sets with his live set is probably the most atmospheric experience you can have, and because of that he will get a slot of MANY hours to fulfill your dreams! 

From Sweden: D-Dave! 

You can follow his music on his mixcloud as well.

Last round of Suntrip DJs!

The last batch of (Suntrip) dj’s for Apsara Festival 2020! 🙂

Pavane is the only djane on main stage! Not playing too often because she wants to play only the best, unique tracks she is known in Belgium to enchanten the public! We are sure in Romania the same will happen! 🙂

DJ DaPEACE is the driving force for goa-trance in his home-country Serbia! 🙂 He is part of Suntrip Records and organiser of Goa Experience! He plays both melodic goa-trance and more acidic night trance and will show his talent in the afternoon sun of Romania!

Payba is probably not the most famous name, but he is one of the most talented new goa-trance djs in Belgium! His focus on more dirty, funky wicked psychedelic nightish influenced goa-trance will sound like total bliss in the darkness of Romanian nature!! 🙂

More Suntrip DJs!

Here is the next bunch of dj names for Apsara Festival 2020

To make it twisted, we announce part 3 of the Suntrip dj’s before part 2… Still, one thing is certain: great goa-trance by the best dj’s from allover the world! Who do we offer this time!

Gnome from Belgium was one of the guys that had the best feedback of last edition! His uplifting powerfull goa-trance smashed the dancefloor on the first evening in such a way people asked for more! So, here you get more!

Stevo, a professional piano-teacher, knows all about goa-trance as he is playing for over 15 years on vinyl and cd! In Croatia he is a legend in the underground scene… On Apsara he will play a 2.5 hour set, including some of his self created goa-trance tunes as well! 

Skeleton Hex is the darker/experimental alter ego of Anoebis. He will play an old school forest-trance set in the night to show the roots of modern dark music! One thing is sure… This is not for the softies as psychedelic is the main focus of this music!

Dj.Masala Goa Trance is the Japanese Suntripper, who is touring Europe every summer for years now!  He loves to play emotional, melodic goa-trance and on Apsara this won’t be any different. Expect some Ninja-moves and Ninja-tunes from him! 

First round of Suntrip DJS !

Our next announcement are the first 3 dj’s from Suntrip Records!
All 3 are one of the driving forces of old school & modern goa-trance in their country!

Anoebis is one of the label owners of Suntrip and active as a dj for 20 years! He is known for mixing old and new music in a flawless way! He likes both goa & dirty acidic trance and played this kind of music in almost every country where goa-trance is alive and kicking!

Itstroobalica is one of the driving forces of goa-trance in Israel these days! He has an immense collection and knows perfectly to play the right tracks at the right moment!

César Mimesis – Suntrip Records is thé driving force for goa-trance in Spain & Catalunya! His sets, concentrating on the more melodic and morning style of goa-trance are known in Barcelona and far beyond! He is also active in Suntrip Records and as an organiser of parties & Hueznar festival but probably is even more known as one of the masterminds behind Mimesis Deco!

DAT Records DJs now!

So, after all those lives, lets get some attention for the dj’s that will spin the most crazy, psychedelic and rare goa-trance for the freaks! 🙂 Our first announcement exists out of dj’s from the respected label Dat Records! 🙂 As you know, they try to keep goa-trance alive by releasing old releases and remixes that never saw the light… Their dj’s will show us that a lot of the music that is not released yet, is simply massive!! 🙂

DJ Solitare, from Canada is well known for his sets with music straight from the 90s! Being active in the scene for so long is an extra surplus as he can read the crowd as no other!
DJ K904 is well known collector Kobi Harosh, who helped Suntrip Records big time with the release of Psylent Buddhi and MFG! He is sitting on a volcano of musical bombs… are you ready for the eruption?
DJ Sunborn already did a great set on Apsara 2018! As owner of the rare & unreleased goa group, he knows for sure what to give to our musical freaks on Apsara! Expect music that will surprise you into another dimension!

Xenomorph to rule them all!

The last live act for Apsara Festival 2020 will be a very unique one! 

🙂 During a 3 hours set, we are sure he will slaughter the dancefloor! One of the acts that defined darker psychedelic music but in his own, unique style… Special kicks, irie melodies and haunting atmospheres! 

From some Cassandra’s Nightmare in Germany… Xenomorph!!!

Antares joins the tribe!

Our second to last announcement is of a lesser known artists that created magical music a decade ago!
He was rarely playing in the last years so it’s pretty unique to see him… Luckily his music lived on!
Spiritual, dreamy, melodic deep goa-trance with an eastern touch! Coming from Belgium… Antares!! 

It’s not brexit for everyone, welcome The Infinity Project!

What is better during your weekend then another announcement for Apsara Festival 2020

This time we have another 90s classic artist! He was one of the founders of the psybient genres and his uptempo music was known for hypnotic music with a darker very psychedelic edge! 

He will play a set on main stage and in the chill out! Straight from the UK, Graham Wood aka The Infinity Project!!!! 

Mindsphere is in!

Our next announcement will make sure there is enough analog violence on Apsara Festival 2020!!

Making goa-trance, the old school way, for over a decade! He rarely plays so we are sure many of you will be delighted! We know he didn’t make it last time, but we promise you, this time he WILL be there to show all of you the power of pure rawly produced stellar goa-trance! From Turkey, Mindsphere

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