General information

The Apsara Festival will take place in Ludoş city (zipcode 557130), 40km from Sibiu, in the west of Romania.

This is 300km from the Hungarian or the Serbian border.

When arriving in Ludos, follow signs
The entrance to the festival is at the GPS coordinates {45.921804, 23.890813}  and then take the small path uphill. 

Passport / Visa requirements

It depends on your citizenship. Please check our FAQ, there is a dedicated entry for that!


Coming by plane

The closest airports are Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca and Târgu Mureș. WizzAir takes care of most of these flights.

Please check this table for the list of cities you can depart from, to each of those airports.
This is for DIRECT flights, else you can travel from anywhere to anywhere with connecting flights of course.

Sibiu Cluj Napoca Târgu Mureș Bucharest
30 min to location 2h20 to location 2h30 to location 4h30 to location
Dortmund, DE Alicante, ES Budapest, HU Alghero (Sardinia), IT
London, UK Barcelona, ES Dortmund , DE Alicante, ES
Madrid, ES Bari, IT Frankfurt, DE Amsterdam, NL
Milan, IT Basel, CH/FR Karlshrue/BadenBaden, DE Athens, GR
Memmingen, DE Berlin, DE Luton, UK Barcelona, ES
Munich, DE (Lufthansa, Tarom) Billund, DK Madrid, ES Bari, IT
Nürnberg, DE Birmingham, UK Memmingen, DE (Between Munich-Zurich) Basel, CH/FR
Stuttgart, DE (Blue Air) Bologna, IT Paris Beauvais, FR Beirut, LB
Vienna, AT (Austrian) Bratislava, SK Roma Ciampino, IT Belgrade, RS
Antalya, TR Charleroi, BE   Berlin, DE
  Doncaster/Sheffield, UK   Billund, DK
  Dortmund, DE   Birmingham, UK
  Dubai, AE   Bologna, IT
  Dublin, EI   Bristol, UK
  Eindhoven, NL   Brussels, BE
  Frankfurt Hahn, DE   Budapest, HU
  Istanbul, TR   Castellon de la Plana (Valencia), ES
  Köln, DE   Catania, IT
  Larnaca, CY   Cluj, RO – CONNECTING FLIGHT
  Liverpool, UK   Cologne, DE
  London Luton, UK   Copenhagen, DK
  Madrid, ES   Doha, QT
  Malaga, ES   Doncaster, UK
  Malmö, SE   Dortmund, DE
  Malta, MT   Dubai, AE
  Memmingen, DE   Dublin, EI
  Milan Bergamo, IT   Dusseldorf, DE
  Munchen, DE   Eindhoven, NL
  Nice, FR   Florence, IT
  Nürnberg, DE   Frankfurt, DE
  Palma De Mallorca, ES   Genève, CH
  Paris Beauvais, FR   Glasgow, UK
  Roma Ciampino, IT   Hamburg, DE
  Stockholm, SE   Hanovra, DE
  Tel Aviv, IL   Istanbul, TR
  Treviso, IT   Kishinev, MD
  Valencia, ES   Kiev, UA
  Warsaw, PL   Larnaca, CY
  Zaragoza, ES   Lisbon, PT
      Liverpool, UK
      London, UK
      Lyon, FR
      Madrid, ES
      Malaga, ES
      Malmo, SE
      Malta, MT
      Milan, IT
      Moscow, RU
      Munich, DE
      Naples, IT
      Nice, FR
      Nürnberg, DE
      Paris, FR
      Perugia, IT
      Pescara, IT
      Pisa, IT
      Rome, IT
      Sofia, BG
      Stockholm, SE
      Stuttgart, DE
      Tel Aviv, IL
      Tenerife, ES
      Thessaloniki, GR
      Torp-Sanderfjord, NO
      Turin, IT
      Valencia, ES
      Venice, IT
      Verona, IT
      Vienna, AT
      Warsaw, PL
      Zaragoza, ES
      Zurich, CH


And here is the transposed list of Romanian airports that may match your city of origin, also for DIRECT flights:

Country City Sibiu Cluj Napoca Târgu Mureș Bucharest
AE Dubai   X   X
AT Vienna X     X
BE Brussels       X
BE Charleroi   X    
BG Sofia       X
CH Genève       X
CH Zurich       X
CH/FR Basel/Mulhouse   X   X
CY Larnaca   X   X
DE Berlin   X   X
DE Cologne       X
DE Dortmund X X X X
DE Dusseldorf       X
DE Frankfurt     X X
DE Frankfurt Hahn   X    
DE Hamburg       X
DE Hanovra       X
DE Karlshrue/BadenBaden     X  
DE Köln   X    
DE Memmingen (Between Munich-Zurich) X X X  
DE Munchen X X    
DE Munich       X
DE Nürnberg X X   X
DE Stuttgart X     X
DK Billund   X   X
DK Copenhagen       X
EI Dublin   X   X
ES Alicante    X   X
ES Barcelona   X   X
ES Castellon de la Plana (Valencia)       X
ES Madrid X X X X
ES Malaga   X   X
ES Palma De Mallorca   X    
ES Tenerife       X
ES Valencia   X   X
ES Zaragoza   X   X
FR/CH Basel/Mulhouse   X   X
FR Lyon       X
FR Nice   X   X
FR Paris       X
FR Paris Beauvais   X X  
GR Athens       X
GR Thessaloniki       X
HU Budapest     X X
IL Tel Aviv   X   X
IT Alghero (Sardinia)       X
IT Bari   X   X
IT Bologna   X   X
IT Catania       X
IT Florence       X
IT Milan X     X
IT Milan Bergamo   X    
IT Naples       X
IT Perugia       X
IT Pescara       X
IT Pisa       X
IT Roma Ciampino   X X  
IT Rome       X
IT Treviso   X    
IT Turin       X
IT Venice       X
IT Verona       X
LB Beirut       X
MD Kishinev       X
MT Malta   X   X
NL Amsterdam       X
NL Eindhoven   X   X
NO Torp-Sanderfjord       X
PL Warsaw   X   X
PT Lisbon       X
QT Doha       X
RO Cluj       X
RS Belgrade       X
RU Moscow       X
SE Malmo       X
SE Malmö   X    
SE Stockholm   X   X
SK Bratislava   X    
TR Antalya X      
TR Istanbul   X   X
UA Kiev       X
UK Birmingham   X   X
UK Bristol       X
UK Doncaster       X
UK Doncaster/Sheffield   X    
UK Glasgow       X
UK Liverpool   X   X
UK London X     X
UK London Luton   X X  

If not possible, you can still fly to Bucharest and then cover the distance to the vernue by car, public transports, or even a connecting flight to Cluj.

On the road, count:


Coming by bus

There’s a lot of buses coming to Sibiu from pretty much everywhere in Europe (Italy, Spain, France, Germany, UK, Denmark, Sweden…)

For example, it takes roughly 1.5 day to come from France. 


Coming by train

There are trains daily between Bucuresti Nord (Bucharest North station) and Sibiu (duration: at least 8 hours)

Then you’ll need to find a lift or a taxi from Sibiu to the venue (40 km).


Shuttles / Taxis

We won’t be organizing a shuttle.

However, taxis are very cheap in Romania; you can find them in Sibiu that can easily drive you to the gate!


Coming by car

First, keep in mind you’re supposed to have a vignette to drive on the national road network. They’re super cheap, so why take the risk of a fine. You can even buy them online here and here.

From “western” Europe

The best is you pass via Budapest, Hungary. When in Budapest, take M5/E75 south direction Szeged, then M43 east direction Makó, Arad, Romania. The M43 becomes A1 at the Romanian Border. Then stay on A1 during 244km past Arad, past Timişoara, and keep going east. The A1 becomes E673 between Făget and Deva and becomes A1 again. In Apoldu de Jos, change to the 106G direction north for 9km till Ludoş.

From OZORA Festival, Dádpuszta, Hungary (only 548km away)

First go to Simontornya then take road 61 till Dunaföldvár then road 52 till Kecskemét, Hungary.
Then take the E75 southblund direction Szeged. You may then follow the directions given above from Budapest.

From Belgrade, Serbia (397 km)

Head north-east to Панчево (Pancevo) then road 130 to Ковачица (Kovačica), then north to Secanj and still north till the Romanian border. In Romania the road 59D becomes 593, then 59 till Timişoara. Turn around the south of Timişoara and take road 6 eastbound and take A1 direction east for 244km. The A1 becomes E673 between Făget and Deva and becomes A1 again. In Apoldu de Jos, change to the 106G direction north for 9km till Ludoş.

From Bucharest, Romania (320km)

Take the E81 direction north-west for 311km till Sibiu. Then take the A1 wesbbound till Apoldu de Jos. In Apoldu de Jos take the 106G direction north for 9km till Ludoş.

From Athens, Grece (1300 km)

Head north to Thessaloniki via the E75, then keep going north to Serres via roads 12 and 25, then up to Sofia (София) in Bulgaria, using the E79 (A3/A2). From Sofia, keep going north usuing the E79 till Vrasta (Враца), then road 15 up to the Romanian border on the Danube river in Oryahovo (Оряхово). When in Romania, keep going north on ROad 55 till Craiova, then roads 65 and 64, still northbound till Râmnicu Vâlcea, then using the E81 up to Sibiu. In Sibiu, take the A1 wesbbound till Apoldu de Jos. In Apoldu de Jos take the 106G direction north for 9km till Ludoş.

Car pooling

Why don’t you help save the planet and share a car with new friends ? or CarPoolWorld may help you with that!


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