Last round of Suntrip DJs!

Last round of Suntrip DJs!

The last batch of (Suntrip) dj’s for Apsara Festival 2020! 🙂

Pavane is the only djane on main stage! Not playing too often because she wants to play only the best, unique tracks she is known in Belgium to enchanten the public! We are sure in Romania the same will happen! 🙂

DJ DaPEACE is the driving force for goa-trance in his home-country Serbia! 🙂 He is part of Suntrip Records and organiser of Goa Experience! He plays both melodic goa-trance and more acidic night trance and will show his talent in the afternoon sun of Romania!

Payba is probably not the most famous name, but he is one of the most talented new goa-trance djs in Belgium! His focus on more dirty, funky wicked psychedelic nightish influenced goa-trance will sound like total bliss in the darkness of Romanian nature!! 🙂

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