Xenomorph to rule them all!

The last live act for Apsara Festival 2020 will be a very unique one! 

🙂 During a 3 hours set, we are sure he will slaughter the dancefloor! One of the acts that defined darker psychedelic music but in his own, unique style… Special kicks, irie melodies and haunting atmospheres! 

From some Cassandra’s Nightmare in Germany… Xenomorph!!!

Antares joins the tribe!

Our second to last announcement is of a lesser known artists that created magical music a decade ago!
He was rarely playing in the last years so it’s pretty unique to see him… Luckily his music lived on!
Spiritual, dreamy, melodic deep goa-trance with an eastern touch! Coming from Belgium… Antares!! 

Mindsphere is in!

Our next announcement will make sure there is enough analog violence on Apsara Festival 2020!!

Making goa-trance, the old school way, for over a decade! He rarely plays so we are sure many of you will be delighted! We know he didn’t make it last time, but we promise you, this time he WILL be there to show all of you the power of pure rawly produced stellar goa-trance! From Turkey, Mindsphere

Hypno New Year

Dear Apsarans,
Best wishes for 2020! 

And we celebrate this with the announcement of an artist who will do his first release on Suntrip Records in feb/march! Funky modern music, with psy-trance and very old school influences on top of that! 

He killed many dancefloors last year, and he will continue doing so on Apsara for sure! From Barcelona, Catalunya… Hypnoxock!!! 

Welcome to 2020 with Etnica / Pleiadians

We will wish you all the best with more timeless music! Classic goa-trance from the highest level! Melodic, super psychedelic, powerful, euphoric and mind boggling! 

Specially for us they will prepare a 4 hours set… with only 90s music of Etnica and Pleiadians! 

From Italy, both Max and Mauri will show you where old school goa-trance is all about!!!

A Kind Of Behavior for Apsara 2020!

Our next announcement for Apsara Festival 2020

Once again in the old school foresty style… but… modern as well! 
He is world famous for his Filteria-project, but his dirty alter-ego should get some more recognition as that music is f*cking awesome! 

Enough Bla Bla… From Sweden, our analog synth freak: K.O.B.!!

Oforia / Tandu / Pigs In Space / Indoor / Phreaky !!!

The next one is another classic from Israël!
Involved in so many notorious acts, creating both melodic and more dirty nightish goa-trance! 🙂

He will play 2 sets for us. One dedicated to the sun, and one dedicated to the moon!
Like this we are sure everyone of the festival will experience his magic!!!

From the Holyland: Ofer Dikovsky! (aka Oforia, aka Tandu, aka Indoor, aka Pigs in Space, aka Phreaky!)


Our next name on Apsara Festival 2020 is an artist who proves that even today, some can create dirty acidic trance! Powerful grooves, fat 303s and deep kicks! His debut album created many wonderful dancefloor moments, and we are sure, more will come on Apsara! From Denmark, the allmighty Portamento!
When Portamento plays we will enter a Controlled Experiment, going through The Portal, Flying & Falling with White Dwarfs!

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