General guidelines

The festival organization will guide you so you park safely and efficiently. Please follow their advice.
Please leave your vehicle locked at all times and do not leave anything valuable into it. Although our security will watch out, we cannot be held responsible in cases of thefts.
Please do not park on the roads, local paths or forbidden areas which may be preventing local people from circulating/moving safely.

Camper Vans

Camper vans, RV’s and caravans are allowed and will be gathered at the end of the car park. Because of their size, you cannot move them during the festival.
You cannot throw your toilet contents or grey water on the site (neither in the nature nor in the toilets). Think of the environment: use specific areas in other locations made for campervans waste disposal.
You cannot use your own generator either as it will obvisouly disturb everyone around.


You can move your car during the festival, for groceries for example, but please keep in mind the guidelines above and always watch out for people and kids wandering on the parking area, use respect, courtesy and adapt your speed at all times. We want everyone to have a great time!