1. The venue spans across the forest near Ludoş city, GPS coordinates {45.924350, 23.878393}.
  2. Visitors are only expected to arrive from August 8th 2018, the opening date. Earlier might expose them to the inherent risks of event buildup and might delay or hinder it, therefore they will not be allowed to wander around the premises.


  1. Tickets are sold for the event by the Apsara Festival SRL company (the “Promoter”) Rahova Street, no. 24, bl. P17, ap. M1 – Sibiu, Romania (address of the company, not of the event), for the terms & conditions below and the rules & regulations of the Apsara Festival (the “Event”) and displayed at the venue (the “Site”).
  2. Using the ticket, and entering on the site implies the ticket holder accepts and undertakes these terms and conditions. By infringing on these terms & conditions, the Promoter reserves the right to cancel the ticket, refuse entrance  to the holder, confiscate infringing objects and withhold the paid ticket price.
  3. Tickets cannot be re-sold, refunded or re-issued. Doing so without the approval of the Promoter will result in the ticket being cancelled and its holder denied access to the site.
  4. Lost, stolen, or damaged tickets cannot be refunded. A readable ticket is required to enter the site.
  5. The Promoters reserves the right to check the ticket holder’s situation matches the ticket type. Upon non-compliance, the ticket holder will be required to either pay the difference or leave the Site.
  6. Tickets cannot be used as competition prices or to promote other events without the approval of the Promoter.
  7. The Promoter may alter the performances, schedules and/or the festival itself (eg because of weather conditions) without having to refund or exchange tickets.
  8. The Promoter reserves the right to search the belongings of persons entering site to prevent in case they are suspected of holding goods not suitable for the visitors’ safety. Therefore the Promoter reserves the right to refuse admission to the Event.
  9. Kids can enter the festival for free up to their 13th birthday.
  10. Kids under 18 need to go along with another person over 18 who takes responsibility for them.


  1. When entering the festival, you will be given a wristband that you may use to go in and out of the value. The wristband entitles its holder to stay on the Event grounds from August 8th 2018 until and including August 12th 2018, and benefit from camping and/or parking space, the use of showers and toilets, in addition to the performances.
  2. The wristbands must be worn at all times and may be checked at all times by the security team. If you fail to show a genuine wristband, you will have the choice to either pay the “at the door” entrance fee, or to be escorted back at the gate.

Behavior & safety

  1. The ticket holder enters the site at his own risk. The Site is a natural place containing known or uncharted, natural or man-made items, and other persons that may constitute a risk or danger to properties or visitors. By choosing to attend the Event you accept the Promoter will not be held responsible for loss or damage of property or persons you may suffer there, and waive all rights to make claims against the Promoter.
  2. Visitors must take care of themselves at all times on the Site: rest, drink, eat, protect themselves from germs and illnesses.
  3. No bottles, glasses or any glass containers are allowed. Glass increase the risk of fire, increase the risk of injuries, and are harmful to the nature. Such containers will be confiscated. Abandoning them also constitutes a violation of these terms & conditions.
  4. Making fire is strictly prohibited: flames, campfires, candles, stoves, fireworks, sky lanterns and incandescent cigarette butts are all a threat to the Site and the Event itself. Only fires lit by the organizers are admitted.
  5. Drugs other than medicines are forbidden. Likewise, trafficking, offering or advertising of illegal substances is forbidden by the Romanian law.
  6. Pets are not allowed anywhere on the festival premises. Animals are always distressed by the sound volume and the amount of people, and end up fighting with one another. Visitors that have been travelling with their animal and have no other option but to bring it may enter the premises, but are compelled to actively take care of it (as opposed to leaving it wander unattended), to use a leash, and to never approach the main floor with them.
  7. The site is a natural area. Visitors must not harm trees, must respect plants and animals who naturally live in the area.
  8. Visitors are expected NOT to be prejudiced against any other visitor. They are expected to respect other visitors’ religion, origin, color, sex, values, habits at all times.
  9. The Event may expose visitors to loud music, which may cause damage to hearing, especially with the younger ones. Visitors are expected to take the appropriate measures for themselves and those accompanying them (eg: earplugs, and earmuffs for kids).
  10. Visitors must use toilets for their natural needs. Should you be forced to do it in the nature anyway, please take used tissues and other hygiene related waste away from nature and dispose of them to one of our waste recipients.
  11. Garbage bags and waste disposal recipients are to be used at all times. Likewise, cigarette butts cannot be abandoned on the ground in the Site or any of its surroundings.
  12. Bringing one’s own generator is forbidden to prevent sound pollution to the surroundings.
  13. Bringing one’s own sound system is forbidden for the same reasons.
  14. Visitors and their vehicles may be checked at the entrance or inside the venue by the security team
  15. Any kind of items that can be used in an illegal, offensive, racist or dangerous manner will be confiscated and their holders and users will be asked to leave the festival site.
  16. It is forbidden to pitch tents in the parking for safety reasons.
  17. Visitors are to check the safety area location on the Event’s map and may visit it for any medical problem they might have.
  18. Kids stay under the parents responsibility at all times. The use of the “kids area” is also at their own risk.


  1. By entering on the Site with a vehicle you agree to park as the Promoter’s crew tells you to.
  2. It is forbidden to park on the roads, local paths or forbidden areas which may be preventing local people from circulating/moving safely.
  3. Cars are allowed to move during the festival, for groceries for example, using an appropriate speed, with everyone’s safety in mind (visitors wandering, kids, tents) and with courtesy.
  4. Because of their size, camper vans, RV’s and caravans cannot be moved during the festival.
  5. It is forbidden to throw your campervans toilets’ contents or grey water on the site (neither in the nature nor in the toilets). Instead visitors must use specific areas in other locations made for campervans waste disposal.
  6. Vehicles must stay locked at all times and without any valuable item inside. The Promoter cannot be held in cases of damage or thefts made to vehicles or their contents.

Image rights

  1. Ticket holders expressly consent to their appearance in video and/or audio recordings and accept that such recordings might be made public without your further permission. They also consent to their inclusion in newsletters or other forms of communication.
  2. It is allowed to take photos for personal use, under the condition the privacy of other visitors is respected.
  3. Professional audio/video recordings devices and drones are forbidden, unless given written authorization by the Promoter.

Shops & Trading

  1. Coupons will be used to carry off transactions in some spots (e.g. bar)
  2. It is forbidden to carry out any commercial or advertising activity for which the Promoter hasn’t given its written consent.
  3. Food, drinks and goods will be available from identified and authorized vendors (by both the Promoter and the City). No other sale or trading can per undertaken without the Promoter’s prior written consent. Offenders will be removed from the Site.
  4. Shops must ensure the goods, foods and drinks they’re selling are safe for their consumers.
  5. Visitors under the age of 18 and intoxicated visitors will not be served with any alcoholic beverages in the bars.

“Force majeure”

  1. In the case of circumstances beyond normal control, such as war, civil or political unrest, actions and orders from the authorities, strikes, catastrophes, epidemics or other severe damages or highly unexpected factors the Promoter may cancel the Festival, and the amounts received will not be refunded.