Do I need a Passport/VISA to go to Apsara?

As far as we’re concerned, all you need is a big heart 🙂

But our event will be held on the Romanian ground, so you may be bound to certain regulations depending on your citizenship.

For EU citizens:
– You need a valid passport or National Id Card
For non-EU citizens and overseas citizens:
– A valid Passport is required
– It must still be valid on your return date, but since Romania is not into Schengen terrotory, we ask you to check it will still be valid 3 months after your return!
Depending on your citizenship you may have to apply for a VISA on
Click on “Get Informed”. The form there is pretty straightforward. Please check!
Should you have any question, I’ll be happy to clarify and answer it 🙂

What are the tasks/jobs I may have to do ?

  • Help building up and disassembling
  • Help at the crew camp with: dishes, water supply, gathering materials, look after the tools and supplies to make sure they are well organized, keeping it a clean and pleasant area
  • Keeping the festival site clean, tidy and safe (eco management)
  • Maintenance of the facilities (showers, toilets, food area, consumables store)
  • Selling at our food and consumables store
  • Bartending
  • Setting up and decorating the forest (camping location, artist camp, chill out floor etc)
  • Help at festival gate with checking and selling tickets
  • It’s also essential to mention AS MANY details as possible in your application form, to avoid having to do jobs that may be unpleasant to you

Is it possible to volunteer ONLY before or ONLY after the festival ?

It is possible to do volunteer jobs and tasks before and after the festival. Although, the amount of work to be done DURING the festival will greatly surpass that of the work needing to be done before and after.

However we will try to organize the shifts as flexible as possible, so that you can enjoy the festival and get to see your favorite acts.

How much time do I have to volunteer ?

The total amount of time spent in performing volunteer tasks is 20 hours divided in 5-hour-shifts. We will try to organize the timetable of the shits to be as flexible as possible, i.e. allowing you to choose if you want to work 2 shifts in a row, work 5 hours on every festival day or participate on a few shifts during and a few shifts before or after the festival.

How does volunteering work ?

Well it’s actually quite simple: you present a valid ticket upon entering the festival location, participate at the shifts timetable with a fair amount of work and receive the amount of money spent on the festival ticket when the festival ends. Fair for both sides, isn’t it?

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