Ticket Information

Ticket link


Tickets will be available from 16/01/2023 -19h on Paylogic / see tickets their website, see link here above.

Ticket Information

Early bird: 145 euro +
3,5% admin fee – 250 tickets available or until 28/02/2023

Middle bird: 165 euro +
3,5% admin fee – 300 tickets available or until 31/05/2023

Late bird: 185 euro +
3,5% admin fee – 350 tickets available

Normal ticket: 200 euro +
3,5% admin fee – 100 tickets available

Serbian Ambassador Tickets

For serbians without a creditcard, we have a local ambassador:

Mail: dapeace@gmail.com

Phone: +381645822434 (Viber / WhatsApp)

FB: https://www.facebook.com/damirscasni/

Ticket policy

  • Tickets are not refundable, but they are transferable to others.
  • The organisation is not responsible for tickets bought from anyone else then our direct ticketing partner Paylogic.
  • Age: 18+

Minor policy

  • Between 13-17 years old: We don’t advise to bring minors to the festival. However, if you bring your minor kids (-18), then you are fully responsible. You have to sign a contract at the entry where you take the full responsability of the minor at the festival. Between 13-17 you have to buy a normal ticket.
  • For 0-12 years old kids: We don’t advise to bring your kids to the festival. If you decide to do so, you also have to sign a contract at the entry where you take the full responsability of your kid at the festival. We also have a mandatory wristband with the parents contact data on it. Last but not least you are obligated to go the the quiet family camping. For reservation of such a spot: please mail to apsarafestival@gmail.com. For -12 years old the festival is free.
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