First round of Suntrip DJS !

First round of Suntrip DJS !

Our next announcement are the first 3 dj’s from Suntrip Records!
All 3 are one of the driving forces of old school & modern goa-trance in their country!

Anoebis is one of the label owners of Suntrip and active as a dj for 20 years! He is known for mixing old and new music in a flawless way! He likes both goa & dirty acidic trance and played this kind of music in almost every country where goa-trance is alive and kicking!

Itstroobalica is one of the driving forces of goa-trance in Israel these days! He has an immense collection and knows perfectly to play the right tracks at the right moment!

César Mimesis – Suntrip Records is thé driving force for goa-trance in Spain & Catalunya! His sets, concentrating on the more melodic and morning style of goa-trance are known in Barcelona and far beyond! He is also active in Suntrip Records and as an organiser of parties & Hueznar festival but probably is even more known as one of the masterminds behind Mimesis Deco!

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