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Venue: Csobánkapuszta, Nógrád County, Hungary.

GPS coordinates: 47°53’37.50″N / 19°28’22.48″E

Apsara is a 2 yearly festival, for goa-trance loving people with a psychedelic mindset! Our vision is and was always the same: bring all facets of goa-trance to you! And there is no better way to do it than on a festival!

Please check our travel information page for all the details.

Gates open: Tuesday 8th august 16h

Music starts: Wednesday 9th august 12h

Music stops: Sunday 13th august 20h

Gates close: Monday 14th august 20h ?

Yes, there will be 20 showers on the site with fresh, natural water! We provide free drinking water and comfortable showering options. There more water supply points available at the festival site.

Yes but not commercial quantity. Feel free to bring drinks and food but a wide variety of food vendors will provide food and drinks at the festival.

Free drinking water will be available at more water supply points. August is the hottest period of summer in Hungary, so you should always keep yourself hydrated.

We will have a recharge point where you can plug in your phones.

Due to current fire danger levels, campfires are NOT allowed. Propane camping grills or stoves may be used for cooking only.

Swimming in the lake is prohibited.

  • Ticket includes: personal garbage bags and an ashtray.
  • Providing lots of recycling bins across the site, with clear signage on what can and can’t be recycled.
  • Providing reusable cups for drinks.

Tickets & ticket issues


No tickets at the gate.

For all basic ticket info please check the Tickets page.

No weekend tickets will be available.
No tickets at the gate.

If you haven’t received a confirmation email with your ticket information, we recommend checking the different mailboxes available: spam, junk mail, promotions etc. If this is not the case, then please read this support.

Check the minor policy on the Tickets.

ATM / Money

There is no ATM available on the festival. The nearest ATM is in Bercel. So you need to bring cash to the festival.

Drinks can be paid both in HUF & EUR. Payment for food / other shops will depend on the vendor. We recommend paying the vendor in local currency to be sure. Many will accept euros’s tho but there might be an excange rate.
At the bar digital payment is possible, other shops only accept cash.

At the bar digital payment is possible, other shops only accept cash.


We strongly advice not to bring pets. Pets can bite people and a festival is not a good habitat for an animal. If you do bring your animal, you will have to sign a paper you are fully responsible for him/her. Keep in mind pets are not allowed near the dancefloor area. Bringing your animal there can lead to exclusion of the festival!


Before going to the festival, checking the weather in Hungary can give you an idea of the conditions on the festival. Csobánkapuszta is a small village in the northern, hilly, part of Hungary. There is a land climate. The weather in summer is relative warm. On average the days are around 25-28°C and the nights between 14-17°C. It can be a full week of sun, but thunderstorms can happen as well. So make sure to prepare for the possibility of rain showers.

Drug Policy

You are not allowed to possess narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. This is against the Hungarian law. Let the music be your drug!

There is a Zero-Tolerance policy in Hungary!


If you want to participate with a shop or volunteering, or you want to exhibit your art, please contact us at apsarafestival@gmail.com!

No, our line up is completely full. Sorry.

If you have a shop… Food, snacks, coffee, clothes, jewelery or any other original idea, please contact us on the email address: apsarafestival@gmail.com

Other infos

The infopoint will gather all lost & found things!

After the festival all pictures and videos will be released on our facebook and instagram page!

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