Unveiling Apsara’s Ambient Forest !

After the goa-trance stage, we now also announce our chill out line up

As most of you know this will be inside the cozy warmth of the forest.
We chose a mix of new talents and known names and there will be music for every taste! 

E-Mantra – Suntrip Records / Romania
Etnica in Dub – Etnicanet & DAT Records / Italy
Mindsphere – Suntrip Records / Turkey
Ancient Core – Melusine Records / Romania
Pete & Pan – Belgium
Solar Powered Beings (aka Jagoa) – Suntrip Records / Belgium
Skarma – Suntrip Records & Global Sect / Hungary
Menkalian (part of Cosmic Dimension) – Suntrip Records / Macedonia
Encens – Koyote Reocrds / United Kingdom
Haitaka (aka Triquetra) – Suntrip Records / Belgium

Seb Taylor DJ set (Kaya project, Angel Tears,…) – Interchill + Dragonfly / United Kingdom
Anoebis – Suntrip Records / Belgium
Rodminus – Malta
Masala – Neogoa / Japan
TB – Suntrip Records / Germany
Bandagor – Belgium
Kosmologos – Belgium
Yella – Global Sect / Serbia
Pavane – Suntrip Records / Belgium
Dušan Lončar – Serbia
Goasis – Suntrip Records / Australia
Hase – Romania
Longcat – France
Mars – Suntrip Records / France
Mawski – Romania

This week’s artists : DJs ~ Part 3!

To finalise our line up… The last bunch of DJ’s for main stage! 

Uplifting and more obscure, darker and experimental Goa trance by following masters! D-Dave aka David of Battle of the Future Buddhas , Skeleton Hex, Anoebis more experimental and darkish alter ego, Lugus, another Belgian Goa trance wizard and of course, local Romanian support! CromoNovaHase & Theo MawsKi!!! 

And now… Spread the word of this mad line up 


And the last live is : …RA… yeah!

Keep the best announcement for the end?
Here we go with the last live for this festival: I know dozens of people praying to hear this music played by the artist! He hasn’t played for a LONG time (except for 1 gig in Belgium).
Pure melodic, goa-trance bliss!
The ultimate floating morning music… powerful, deep, melodic and emotional!
Straight from Norway by Lars…  *** RA ***

This week’s artist: Night Hex !

Before announcing the last (and special) live act, we present you the midtempo project of a Romanian melody master!

If you like dreamy slower goa trance with a hint of progressive… you will love Night Hex! The side project of E-Mantra.

Shops @ Apsara

We had a lot of messages via a lot of channels, but to make things clear: if you have a shop, or a foodshop…

You can always contact us to shops [at] apsara-festival.com


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