This week’s artist: Jagoa !

Another announcement on Apsara Festival to make sure everyone will enjoy the dark nights with music that fits! The next name has released some darkish and acidic old school influenced tracks on Suntrip before, and caught the scene by surprise! He will play both up and downtempo on this festival… Straight from Belgium, Jagoa !

Heavyweight of the week: Crop Circles !

And here we go with another massive announcement! 🙂
Etnica vs Lotus Omega? That means… fantastic melodies, deep grooves, a lot of super psychedelic effects and… well, no chance of bad music as they have only killer tracks! 🙂 They play very rarely, but on Apsara Festival 2018 you will have Maurizio & Filippo together for a set that will smash your brain like there is no tomorrow! 😀 Straight from Italy…

Crop Circles!!!

This week’s artist: Merr0w !

The next one is almost an old schooler of modern Goa-trance! 

Specialized in acidic, very powerful and massive Goa without mercy! We hope you can handle his amazing maximal style! Straight from France… Merr0w!!

This week’s artist: Ka-Sol !

So, the next artist is not your common goa-trance musician! Its the definition of madness, straight from the mossy forests of Sweden. Darker stormy music, but with a clear melodic twist! Goa-trance for nutters… A pure retro set by mister Fairytale: Ka-SoL!!! 

This (Last) week’s artist: Lotus Omega

Ooops! It’s been all over our FB page and we forgot to annouce it here..

At Apsara Festival we’ll have a a 90’s set by one of the most twisted, psychedelic and experimental artists from that golden age! He will make sure the night on Apsara is not something you will easily forget… From Italy Filippo Scrimizzi, aka… Lotus Omega!!!

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