Nick Taylor !

Time for one of our biggest announcements!

A wonderboy from the other side of the world, and thus… a rarity in Europe! One of the masterminds behind the most psychedelic projects of the 90s… Specially for us he will be playing a 2.5 hours set, where he will mix the most crazy of his own projects (like Snakte Thing, Reflecta, Parasonix, Akasha,…) and in between some madness of his Austrlian friends! 

🙂 All the way from Australia: Nick Taylor!

Ethereal to start with November :)

Our first announcement of November is one of those very few groups who are both old school and new school! They were one of those magicians that kept goa alive in a period that goa-trance was more or less dead! 🙂 Their style is hypnotic, floating, deep melodic goa-trance with a focus on groove instead of high bpms! 🙂 And, once again, they are Swedish! The allmighty: Ethereal!!!

On the Elysian Fields of Apsara, where Fireflies & Cosmic Lobsters will do a Flamedance under Distant Lights, we let All Systems Go!

Carl Larsson & Fredrik Haglund!

Dreamweaver !

And again, we have something unique to offer on Apsara Festival 2020

An old school artist that hasn’t played in 2 decades… But for us, he came out of his hideout!

Melodic, hypnotic, powerful and mystic goa-trance to the bone! His albums were just re-released on Classic Goa Trax for people that never heard his music, but I can assure you, you will fly on the dancefloor! From Sweden: Dreamweaver!

On Apsara, we will receive this Messenger From The Sky, from an Unknown Origin! Maybe this Lord of Illusions is Vishnu? For sure his Spiritual Heritage will be our Power Source!

Apsara is in Romania, here is Artifact303 !

Our next guest on Apsara Festival 2020 is a local legend. And no, it’s not Dracula! 

Active since the early days of the revival of modern goa-trance, he always managed to find the perfect balance between fantastic melodies, sublime storytelling and modern productions! Lately it is a bit silent from his side, but he is actively working on new stuff, which will be heard for sure on the dancefloor on Apsara! From Romania: Artifact303!

While we dance For a Better World, having Close Encounters with Energy Waves and our Ancestors, our minds go Beyond Lightspeed towards a Delirium!

Transwave goes to Apsara

Our next announcement for Apsara Festival 2020 is another massive classic act! Specially for us this French pioneer promised to dig deep in his old-school releases, and play a lot of early, lesser known trance next to his all time classics!
He will play a long, 2 hour set, filled with great melodic, powerful, uplifting pure goa!! Say hello to the allmighty Transwave !
I hope My Dear Medical Assurance will be ok, when all Voyagers will reach Apsara, our Land of Freedom! Where Fortune Tellers will have Adoration To The Aum-moments while doing a Malaka Dance!

MFG x 2 !!!

The next announcement is, again, something unique! Because, we will let this group play 2 sets! Their melodic goa is véry known… and with a reason! Its more or less the definition of israeli melodic goa-trance! Uplifting to the bone 🙂 But on Apsara they will also do a set with their night music…! Project Genesis and those rare compilation tracks that are dirty, super psychedelic and darker! You want to experience this unique experience!? Another reason to go to Apsara is… MFG !!! 🙂

When We Dream, we are Hypnotized… and what an Experience it is! And when the Sunshine will shake our Waking Mind we will be Born Into a New Life!

Presales open now !

YES! Pre-sale tickets for Apsara Festival 2020 are now available on following link!

As said before, your country of RESIDENCE (!!) is to be chosen to buy your ticket! Like this we know you are from a mainstream or a social country. All info about this on this page.

If you are not able to buy tickets online for a reason… No worries! We have ambassadors in many countries. Like this you get the chance to buy your tickets the “old school” way in Belgium – Brazil – Bulgaria – France – Germany – Greece – Hungary – Israel – Macedonia – Portugal – Serbia – Spain & Turkey.
Ambassadors list here!

Don’t wait too long as the early bird Phase 1 tickets are limited! 🙂
See you all next summer on Apsara and…
Next weeks you will see some more smashing names on the line up! 🙂
Thank you!

Time to decorate!

Before starting our presale and announcing much more goa-trance artists, it’s time to make you all drool on the decoproject we will bring to Apsara Festival 2020

This year we chose for Buju decorations from Germany! 

Well known for his huge and massive projects on festivals like Antaris Project and many more! 
Like this we are sure we will have full power old schoolish deco, but with a biiig canopy so we will have all the shade we need! 

Quatermass are back !

For the next announcement we went deep into the underground, and we found an act that didn’t play for over 20 years! 

In the 90s they released some very strong singles and EP’s, and they played some local live acts in England! Melodic and acidic… very British old school goa! Now, for the first time ever, you will have the chance to see them in a festival, with unreleased stuff as a bonus! From the UK, Quatermass

Quatermass will let you feel the Dawn Goddesses; Jiva, Kali & Arjuna to let you have an experience of the Ancient Skies Beyond Sunrise!

Presales are coming!

We get more and more questions about the presales… So, here we are! 🙂

Presale starts in exactly 11 days (15th of october)! As last year, we will have mainstream and social countries, depending on the BNP. We updated our list but we made sure this festival is affordable for EVERYONE. No crazy prices!

Our early birds tickets will be 70€ for social countries, and 110€ for mainstream countries, so make sure to buy fast if you want a cheap festival experience! 🙂

And also important, we decided to limit the tickets to max 1500 people! 🙂

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