Maybe you’d like to spend a little more time touring the country?

There’s plenty of blogs and sites advising the best places from this wonderful country:


Now here’s a selection of places we can advise you in the surroundings of the festival:

Carpathian Mountains

Crossing through the country, this mountain range delivers an awesome scenery and hosts lots of wildlife

Distance from Apsara: all around. If you land in Cluj or Sibiu, well, you’re int he middle of it 🙂


Sibiu city

This ancient citadel in central Romania will amaze you as you wander through its towers, fortifications, places and churches.

Distance from Apsara: 40km to the South


Brașov city

One of the most magnificient Romanian cities with a unique medieval touch!

Distance from Apsara: 185km to the East


Castelul de Lut

This castle made of clay, straw and wood seems to have been built by Hobbits. Getting there is like setting foot in a fairytale! 

Distance from Apsara: 82km tot he East