Thanks for coming to Apsara 2018 !!

Thanks for coming to Apsara 2018 !!

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Dear Apsarians!

Finally wa recovered a bit from this very intense experience, which means you deserve our view on this first edition of Apsara Festival by Suntrip Records
The only right way to start is a BIG thank you to all that came to this festival and/or supported us! You created this unforgettable edition! The unique vibe, the huge amount of smiles, the mindbending music, the bouncing dancefloor from the first minute to the last and the family feeling was heartwarming and touching! For all of us, this was a unique and powerful experience which will echo in our souls until for eternity, and hopefully beyond!

As most of you probably know, we already had loads of experience with parties & smaller festival, but a festival in a country like Romania is… something else! We won’t go in to details but it wasn’t always easy. This means we learned a lot as organisers and we are motivated to solve the (small?) issues we for future editions! (yes, there will be more Apsaras!) We will make sure there are more showers that work all day, we will make a dancefloor for 1000 people so there is enough shade for sure, we will put a lot of water next to the dancefloor next time and we will make sure the bar guys do what they promised to do! Except for these issues we believe everything went smooth! Because of all the good vibes and the fact we see goa-trance is alive and kicking we are already planning a next edition of Apsara… When will that be? In 2020! Yes, we will do it every 2 years. We want this to be unique, we dont want to fight against our brothers of Zna Gathering and also on a personal level combining such an event yearly with a full time job is too heavy.

But ok, lets go back to what happened last few weeks!  First of all, festivals dont appear out of nowhere! The amount of hours of work in such an event is huge, and because of that we want to thank our crew of builders! Without you this would NOT be possible! You might not get the recognition you guys deserve but believe us, you are in our hearts!!! Olivier BerckmoesLeon PaganFrancisco LopesLaura Nessa Telrรนnya, Lorant, Paul, Apostol Viktor & Lisa!!  But a party is nothing without good music! And well, I think the reviews are clear, everyone LOVED the music! So our artists are damn heroes! All of you did what you promised… play only the best psychedelic, melodic, acidic or dirty goa-trance!  No full on, no progressive, no hi tech… only the purest goa!   Thanks to all of you for this right mindset and this professionalism! And good music needs good sound! The soundguys of Jamie Bell were fantastic. Function One is one thing, but a sound technician non stop with a pc next to the artist to make sure every sound is perfect? Unique! We never had this before! And what would we do without volunteers? Nothing! Thanking them individually would be too much, but you know how you are! Last but not least we want to thank the people that made sure we also had a visually interesting experience: Artrance Visionary CollectiveLunar Deco and Margot Schaefer on the party and more specially, Rodolpho Morais from Brasil for all the artwork! The T shirts, the flyers, the announcements, everything was done by him! To end this thank session we want to send our regards to the mayor and local authorities of Ludos and Sibiu! This support was vital to host the festival!

The following weeks and months you will see a lot of video and picture material of us and our photographers (Isis RaJonathan Jokke, Tomer,…) on the Apsara page below. Please share this as much as possible to attract more pure goa freaks for our next edition! Our goal is not to become a huge festival, but a cosy festival with the right people and right vibe, and all of you can help us with that!  What happened here is now unfortunately history, but the future looks bright! Lets create an even more crazy edition (if possible?) and see you all in 2020!

Fabien MarsaudRemus RusuJoske VrankenTheo MawsKiOuwe Gouwe